ERUPT Berlin: Scale & Transform

ERUPT Berlin: Scale & Transform (hosted by Zalando & in partnership with Elements)

On 30th January, as part of our ERUPT event series, the BTN hosted a fascinating panel of HR & Technology leaders at Zalando's HQ in Berlin.

ERUPT Berlin gathered HR and Technology professionals to engage, network and share thoughts around the topic of ‘Scale and Transform’.

The panel consisted of:
Mandy Köhlke - Head of Commercial Talent Acquisition at Zalando
Alexander Grosse - Partner & VP, Engineering at BCG Digital Ventures
Bar Schwartz - Head of Engineering Excellence (People, Agile & Operations) at Signavio
Daniel Goldstein - Group CEO at Elements Talent Consultancy

The panel looked at the differences between working for a start-up or small business or a larger, more established business, focusing on the different ways these companies need to transform and attract talent. The panel progressed to looking at how to maintain the culture of a start-up within an organisation that has or is scaling and transforming, from their origins.

In order for a company to change and adapt, they have to understand the people and what they need first and progress from there. From here the panel looked at what this scaling means on leadership and the de-centralisation of decisions, which presented a larger problem than just setting up the structure, that the panel then had to tackle.

The conversation resulted in the panel agreeing that in order to scale you need to understand your demands and adapt to this and the external and personal changes that are needed for the future.

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The full event is now available as a podcast, which you can listen to by clicking on the banner below.