ERUPT: Adapt and Thrive

ERUPT: Adapt & Thrive

On 29th July, as part of our ERUPT event series, The BTN hosted a fascinating virtual panel session on adapting and thriving in the current climate.

ERUPT: Adapt and Thrive gathered HR and Technology professionals to engage, network and share thoughts around the topic of ‘Adapt and Thrive’.

Our panel (shown below) discusses a variety of questions presented by the host, whilst also taking on some questions that our attendees were posing on the virtual event platform.

The panel started by looking at what's the biggest thing they have learnt from this crisis and how they will take that forward into working in the future.

The concept of the event, adapt and thrive is integral to companies at the moment as agility and crisis response has become a major focus for most, if not all, organisations in the current climate. The conversation was driven by the concept of the impending return to the office that many organisations are beginning to tackle, and the hybrid style future that we may be moving into. From here panel focused on the importance of comfort for employees when considering the return to the office, whilst also looking at the new role flexibility and remote working will potentially play in a wide variety of organisations. Our panellist explored a variety of topics, with a large focus on the role digital communications has played in the past few months, the drastic nature of these changes and the way they may continue to drive our organisations going forward, whilst emphasising the nature of this impact on organisations that don't necessarily have the same flexibility and opportunities that other organisations have. Our panel also considered the way organisations and their cultures have changed, from mental health and wellbeing, and the agility and flexibility of organisations working remotely, to the nature of presenteeism and how to manage, integrate and engage those that are returning from furlough and to the office environment in the coming months, amongst many other points.

The conversation resulted in the panel looking at their forward strategy for their organisations and teams and how we can't predict the future, but we can plan for it and learn from the lessons we've learnt in the past few months.


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This event was in partnership with Elements Talent Consultancy.


Elements Talent Consultancy are a business with an impressive track record of partnering with rapid-scaling organisations and major corporations going through digital transformation to help them solve their toughest hiring challenges.

Since 2015, they have embedded teams of consultants within some of the world's best-known organisations, including Spotify,, TikTok, Just Eat, iZettle,, H&M and IKEA.


This video was a piece of featured content from Thursday 30th July 2020.