Employee Experience/Engagement with Stefanie Brockstädt (Part 1)

Employee Experience/Engagement with Stefanie Brockstädt - Part 1

As we continue this fascinating series around Employee Experience/Engagement, in partnership with Peoplesmart, we bring you Stefanie Brockstädt (Head of L&D at Berlin Brands Group).

Within this session, Stefanie discusses how companies can ensure well-being is embedded within all aspects of employee experience. Time is currently changing and in an era of workplace upheaval, companies that able to create authentic experiences, strengthen employee purpose, ignite energy and elevate organisation-wide performance. Mental health in the workplace has now become top of the mind for every organisation nowadays. Priorities have shifted since the pandemic which means that people now have more flexibility in their life. Now, with the generations following, the aspect of mental and physical well-being has become the focus of life.

It is essential that companies consider what they can do differently as an employer in order to help their employees with their mental health and wellbeing. There are different options that companies can do in order to improve this such as massage therapy, support options for mental health and physical stability and more. However, this can become costly and therefore needs to be organised carefully. As this may be too costly for some companies, there are other ways to alleviate stress and improve mental health. Things like offering flexibility, working hours and workspace such as working at home or abroad can help with these issues massively. The pandemic has shown that we are able to work in different places and countries and therefore, organisations need to think about what they are not only employers doing, but also what are different countries doing so that employees can work more globally in different environments.

So where does well-being start? According to Stefanie, well-being has to start within yourself. Doing something for your mind and calming yourself down helps people in the company as well as yourself. Stephanie then moves on to how organisations ensure that their employee experience is inclusive for all employees. Starting with a disability, there are many different types of abilities that people need to understand as different people require different needs. Therefore having a great employee experience only works if organisations have an inclusive environment. Employers need to communicate with their employees about their experiences and understand how they can help to get the best results.


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