Driving Digitalisation: Creating True Digital Customer Experiences with Billennium & Vonage

Driving Digitalisation: Creating True Digital Customer Experiences with Billennium & Vonage

The evolution of the digital landscape has created a platform for the customer experience to not just be reimagined but reinvented.

The BTN are delighted to partner with Billennium & Vonage for an interactive webinar on creating efficient customer engagements which eliminate any barriers.

Customer experiences should be focused on increasing commitment and enhance the brand that they engage with, but, how can we make it as seamless as possible and where does the use of technology fit in as an enabler?

In this interactive session, we’ll hear from Marcin Bartoszewski (Director, Experience Platforms Leader, EY Poland), Przemek Wyszynski (Head of Sales - CEE, Russia, CIS at Vonage API) about how the pandemic has impacted the use of digital channels for interacting with customers, and the importance of providing customers with a consistent omnichannel experience. Nina Nourafrouz (COO at Billennium DACH) will share with us in this talk how Billennium and their team of IT experts not only taking care of this raising demand on omnichannel digital channel solutions, hear how Billennium pushes companies to a new level of amazing customer experiences by developing and providing digital products and services for their end customer journey.

At the same time, consumer behaviour and preferences have changed and consumers are becoming more demanding and less loyal. They expect a personalised approach and satisfying interactions, whether in digital, physical or hybrid channels that combine both worlds.

In this session, you'll be able to engage with Billennium and Vonage around how embedding a digital customer experience solution within your business can create a more efficient customer journey and truly drive digitalisation across your organisation.

You’ll takeaway:

  • How the use of digital tools can help strengthen the customer relationship and drive efficiency
  • A visionary outlook on the use of AI, Big Data and other innovative tools can increase customer commitment
  • How the use of remote communication can bridge the gap between company and customer closer than ever before.