The Cost and ROI of Technology by Paul Maxin

The Cost and ROI of Technology by Paul Maxin

In part 3/5 of our exclusive series with Paul Maxin (Talent Acquisition Expert), he discusses the cost and ROI of technology within talent acquisition.

Paul begins by discussing how technology has been designed with a narrow-minded cost-saving focus, which has been highly focused on recruitment costs. He continues to consider that tech in HR was to simplify, standardise and save costs on recruitment, with metrics for management to check, stifling business thinking in HR. Should organisations be looking at the impact of hiring, rather than the quality of the hire in the future?


Paul Maxin has a history working in talent acquisition, beginning his career in recruitment at Michael Page, moving to Senior Talent Acquisition roles at PWC, Unilever and FCA. Paul founded Max Intalent Ltd and has recently finished a contract as VP of Talent Acquisition at Zalando.

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