Coming Soon to The BTN - Video Profiles

Video Profiles - Coming soon to the BTN!

The BTN has partnered with the market leading video recruitment technology, Hinterview, to develop a product that we think could change the recruitment industry forever. We genuinely believe it will be the most exciting moment of our history to date.

We will be giving everybody that subscribes to the right to have their own automated FREE video CV and profile that they can use to apply to jobs and be able to independently market themselves to potential employers.

We think that we are the one of, if not, the first people to give any candidate the opportunity to have an amazing free opportunity to record their own video profile to use with their CV. 

A Video CV!

At the same time, in house and agency teams will be able to access candidate video profiles for sourcing via the BTN, reducing cost, and time to hire.


While video interviewing will be good for the majority it will embrace the opportunity of discrimination in regards to ethnicity and race. Many times it is better to have paper presented where physicality is unknown than once interview occurs ones skills and experience is of greater importance and there are typically more interviewers to push back.

Well done to all the team at BTN and Hinterview on this exciting news and an excellent innovative idea! I'm looking forward to the launch. As a career coach and consultant this resource will be valuable for my clients. Thank you for propelling us forward in this digital age.

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