The Challenges and Opportunities of Video Streaming by Göran Appelquist

Video Streaming has become increasingly important for both content owners and viewers. In the latest interview for the Business Transformation Network, Göran Appelquist (CTO at Edgware) talks about the current challenges and opportunities of video streaming.

He explains how technological advancements such as VR and 4K are affecting the IT industry with a particular focus on Sweden. Lastly, Göran gives insight into what he sees as the future of video streaming and how he is planning to face the upcoming challenges.  


About Göran

Göran Appelquist has +20 years of experience from the digital video industry and currently is Chief Technology Officer at Edgeware. Before Edgeware, he held management and executive positions at Digital Vision. Göran has a Ph.D. in physics from Stockholm University.


About Edgeware

Edgeware provides operators and content owners with the tools to deliver their TV services at huge scale and low cost. Edgeware’s unique technology gives control and insight back to the content provider and delivers TV with an outstanding viewing experience. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices worldwide.