Caroline Goddard - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with Globalization Partners)

Caroline Goddard - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with Globalization Partners)

Within this discussion, in partnership with Globalization Partners, we welcome the incredible Caroline Goddard (Global Human Resources Director at GDS Group), who opens up the conversation around ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion.’

Caroline looks at how companies capitalise on the best talent available around the world to address skilled talent shortages in their local market.

“There is so much talent due to large amounts of data and technology, however, it is not being used anywhere near as best it could.”

Caroline continues to look at what opinions exist for successful International expansion, in which she emphasises the need to join networks and understand where people are looking for roles. Organisations need to take advantage of video interviewing as it opens many doors to find talent. Interviewing via Zoom or any other video platform is seen as a lot more efficient and quicker as it allows you to find even more talent.

The conversation then moves on to what Caroline believes the future of work will look like. Caroline talks about the mindset shift when you now think about top talent, due to the fact they are not all based in one place. The only way you can attract talent globally is by using technology. Many organisations now have to learn to work remotely, communicate effectively and motivate online learning as it is a completely new skill. Organisations need to ensure they utilise these quick developments that are provided online as a way to develop our leaders to do things differently.

To finish off this discussion, Caroline discusses her views on what role technology is poised to play in future efforts towards global expansion. Caroline believes that HR Directors and individuals should go back two years ago and think about what their people strategy was before the pandemic hit, and rewrite their strategies to ensure they are up to date. Caroline states...

“We have to get tech-savvy and utilise what we have.”


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