BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) - An Agile Learning Paradigm by Teresa Martín-Retortillo at MERIT Summit 2017

MERIT 2017 Keynote Speech by Teresa Martin-Retortillo, IE Business School

The BTN's partnership with MERIT Summit brings you Teresa Martin-Retortillo (President of Executive Education at IE Business School) on BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) - An Agile Learning Paradigm, from MERIT Summit for Corporate and Executive Education Leaders, Barcelona, January 18-9, 2017. As organisations deal with ever more challenging situations of generating profitable growth in increasingly volatile and uncertain global markets, what is the new executive skill set?  How can an organisation ensure proper training for core roles and functions while leveraging massively distributed online learning systems to deliver skills on-demand? Teresa’s keynote will focus on embedding a learning mindset, BYOL, as a catalyst of innovation, excellence and high-performance culture.

Teresa Martín-Retortillo is the Executive President of Executive Education at IE Business School since September 2016. She also leads innovation in open programs both online and face to face. Prior to that she was senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development for McGraw-Hill Education and a partner with Bain & Company where she worked for circa 20 years, responsible for advising C-level executives and their boards with the objective of driving company transformations and increasing shareholder value. She worked for clients representing a range of industries including education, helping to develop business strategies and translate plans into tangible results. She has extensive experience supporting private equity clients through deal sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio company transformation on more than 100 deals. 


This video is part of The BTN's partnership with MERIT Summit.