Building a Learning Community with Martin Barner (Part 1)

Building a Learning Community with Martin Barner (Part 1)

The BTN is delighted to partner with PeopleSmart for a video series around 'Leading into the Future'.

In the first of 2 parts, Martin Barner (Head People & Organization Global Product Development, Sandoz at Novartis) looks at building a learning community.

The discussion starts by looking at how the virtual environment will align with a lifestyle of learning culture. Martin talks about the importance of the curiosity to learn being something that we need to embed throughout an individuals life, from school onwards.

The role of self-service culture and the enablement of technology is discussed and some of the initiatives that Novartis have rolled out internally to develop their employees.

Martin also opens up some of the detail around their talent intelligence lab which links career growth development.

Finally, Martin analyses whether the move to a more virtual environment puts pressure on learning due to the lack of visibility. There is a focus around the need to embed learning with the organisations' strategy and how the role of strategic workforce planning can be aligned with what learning can deliver.


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