Brexit - Negotiations and Free Trade by Neil Roden

Brexit - Negotiations and Free Trade by Neil Roden

In part 3 of 5 from Neil Roden about planning and executing for Brexit change, Neil looks at how the length of the negotiation process will impact the outcomes of Brexit and the complications behind the free trade agreement.

The first aspect of this that Neil looks at is to whether 2 years is sufficient time for the UK to negotiate terms for Brexit. If there is no free trade agreement, would the WTO rules for the UK? Neil examines the process and realisation that globalisation has on our current import/export processes.
Neil then looks at some potential repercussions if the WTO agreement doesn't work for the UK and whether flexibility will be given in certain circumstances.

Finally, Neil gives his opinion on some of the impacts of Brexit that are not being overly publicised. Some of these include data sharing and the impacts of living standards.


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This is another great very insightful video . Thanks Neil.