Bold Leadership with Anique van Lent - Part 2

Bold Leadership with Anique van Lent - Part 2

As we continue this fascinating series around ‘Future Leadership’ in partnership with PeopleSmart SAS, we bring you Anique van Lent (Associate Director Talent Development at Media. Monks) who discusses ‘Bold Leadership’ and whether you can train someone to have more emotional intelligence.

According to Anique, when it comes to emotional intelligence, practice makes power. Training that muscle time and time again and putting it into practice to make sure that it becomes conscious is vital.

The conversation then moves on to how Anique believes we can cultivate a culture of self-awareness. Organisations today are living in the fast lane which means that there is not enough time for space and reflection. As a result of that, organisations are now allowing enough time for people to tune in to themselves. From a learning and development and a talent perspective, it is important to partner with the business to create those moments of reflection where people pause and ask themselves, who they are and how they would like to show up so that they can create this space.

However, with this framework comes many challenges such as going into this space of judgement meaning that organisations can then end up with these labels rather than a true understanding of themselves and others. Going back to those core levels of values and having that understanding of who you are, what drives you, your superpower and what your pitfalls are is key.

Therefore, leaders need to ensure that they are creating a space where people can have that reflection is key to creating the space for everyone to be the very best version of themselves.


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