Bold Leadership with Anique van Lent - Part 1

Bold Leadership with Anique van Lent - Part 1

As we continue this fascinating series around ‘Future Leadership’ in partnership with PeopleSmart SAS, we bring you Anique van Lent (Associate Director Talent Development at Media. Monks) who discusses ‘Bold Leadership’ and what it means to be a bold leader.

According to Anique, bold leadership comes down to being authentic, empathetic, having equity and thinking about how leaders can show up. Leaders need to ensure that they create that ripple effect and space that is going to help others want to learn about their talents within their organisation.

The conversation then moves on to how Anique has seen that change and whether she has to see bold leaders show up. Anique explains that with the uprise in The DEI space, a lot of leaders are now able to take that extra tangent of showing up in a way that creates space for others. In recent years, there has been much more space for others around them, compared to previous years. Particularly with charismatic and energetic leaders that can open up that space more and create that safety net.

Following on from the discussion, Anique then explains how emotional intelligence play into the role of bold leadership. Anique identifies how emotional intelligence used to be a buzzword that was spoken about largely in previous years, however, is now something that cannot be missed. The leaders that are excelling are the ones that are much more in tune with the people around them. If there is a huge organisational change going on such as inflation for example, then having that true understanding of where your employees are at makes a huge difference in the way you communicate with your team.

Therefore, for Anique, it’s not about how you are showing up and interacting as a leader, but it comes down fundamentally to how the business strategies are being created simultaneously.


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