Agile Employee Engagement by Shea Heaver

Agile Employee Engagement by Shea Heaver

In this exclusive video, Shea Heaver (Founder of Optimawork) looks at the outdated employee engagement process of typically conducting a single survey every year, highlighting how we can bring this process back to life by making employee engagement agile.


Shea Heaver was born in England but grew up, was educated and started his career in Northern Ireland before moving to South Florida in the mid-1990s.

Drawing on his years of management experience in the global IT field, he became a passionate promoter of a people-centric culture to improve organizational performance.  Through his work in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc... he increasingly realized that individuals who feel valued lead to teams that are motivated, innovative and highly productive.

He founded OptimaWork, with a focus on helping organizations achieve higher Employee Engagement, improve Leadership, increase Job Satisfaction and build better Workplace Relationships.