The 3 Elephants Ignored by L&D Strategy by Paul Matthews

The 3 Elephants Ignored by L&D Strategy

In part 1 of this series, Paul Matthews discusses the difficulties facing learning and development, which he describes as the 3 elephants in the room. He constitutes the three elephants in L&D as: The concept of performance diagnostics, the nature of informal learning and learning transfer. He talks through these, progressing to the important subject of why the issues are ignored and what this can mean for the organisation in the long-term.



Paul Matthews, Learning and Performance Expert, makes ideas come alive with stories, practical tools and tips everyone can understand. This has led to two bestselling books and speaking appearances worldwide. He is an expert in informal learning, enabling capability, performance, learning transfer, workflow learning and onboarding. Paul is a regular speaker at HR and Learning & Development events and exhibitions covering topics such as harnessing the power of informal learning, capability at work, workplace performance, learning transfer and how L&D can be effective in these changing times.