Technology Trends May

This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Technology.  


Technology is driving us to distraction

Mobile phones have pretty much become an extension of someone’s physical (and mental) being, with our reliance on them creating an ‘Age of Attention’. The temptation of checking our phone when we don’t necessarily need to (EG. whilst we’re at work, school or spending ‘quality’ time with a loved one) has become so strong, that the pull of app checking has been seen to result in us losing our ability to concentrate.

This article discusses the actual price we pay of allowing technology to take too much of our attention. How are you paying?


Rich People’s Problems: When technology fails

The transition from people needing to be physically present in the office, to today’s more popular technical presence, has opened our lives up to constant potential for interruption. Our daily reliance on technology is much more than just an accessory to make calls on; it’s our news source, journey planner, taxi, alarm, and safety net (to name a few features).

This article tackles the issue that is our reliance on technology and shows how it is allowing technology giants like Google and Apple to grow, increasing their power and creating new products and functions that make us even more reliant in the future.


What’s Stopping Digital Transformation?

No industry is immune to disruption and the increasing competition this brings with it and digital transformation is affecting everyone. Most businesses attempt digital transformation but not all succeed, but why?

This article looks at a few common misconceptions about digital transformation, combined with a tip for success.


When Passion and Technology Meet

Technology is often seen as a market area where entrepreneurs have the potential to make a large sum of money quite quickly, however, sometimes technology can be used for reasons people are more passionate about than just the latest gadget.

This article looks at the technology entrepreneurs that are using technology for the greater good, consequently improving a vast number of lives in varying ways.

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