Technology Trends June

This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Technology, from AI to Digital Transformation and Decision Making.  

How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI

The importance of technical skills and the focus on ‘hard’ skills over ‘soft’ skills appears to be an ever-growing trend. The increasing automation of ‘mundane’ or ‘repetitive’ tasks, have left many people fearing the replacement of human with AI, affecting the skills that we deem to make us ‘employable’ for the future.

This article (part 1 of a series) discusses the future of work during the Age of AI and automation.


Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?

We’re at a tipping point for humanity, often seen in science fiction, where in the near future machines could potentially be making decisions for us that could affect our daily lives. A recent report from PWC has highlighted that AI could boost the global economy by $15.7tn (£11.7tn) by 2030, but at what cost?

This article tackles the situations in which we may be trusting machines to make decisions for us, without actually understanding what their decision is based on, or how it works. If we don’t fully understand the algorithms behind machine learning and data-based decisions then we risk marginalising a large group of people without even realising.


Three Reasons To Mind The Decision Gap In Your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation could completely change the business landscape permanently. Decisions are one of the most important business information within an organisation, but are the last to encounter digitisation. In turn, we have left decision making unmanaged and in the past, relying on meetings, emails and presentations to see us through, whilst all other business aspects are steaming ahead.

This article looks at how miscommunication and misunderstanding are often seen as an inescapable part of working with people within a business, which it doesn’t have to be. If the digital decision gap is closed, organisations can also solve other potential problems that they are experiencing, whilst improving their overall processes.


Understanding Digital Transformation Terminology

Digital Transformation is everywhere and can become a bit of a minefield of jargon and terminology, if you find yourself in over your head confusing your RPA with your BPM, IQPC has provided a glossary of technology-focused terms to help organisations understand their opportunities and the terms that are trending amongst digital transformation.

This downloadable PDF provides a simple ‘what’s what’ of technology and digital transformation, which (whether you’re a technology person or not) will help you be more clued in during those meetings and conversations where you feel like you’re drowning in jargon.

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