Process Trends June

This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Process, from agile transformation to sustainable transformation.  


How to mess up your agile transformation in seven easy (mis)steps

All transformations are difficult, yet around 70% of transformation projects still fail and agile transformation is no exception- but why? From not obtaining buy-in, to lack of alignment, and not investing enough in your people, the pitfalls for transformation projects are plentiful.

This article looks at some common mistakes of agile transformation and what this could cost the organisation:


‘The best organisations frequently use transformation programmes to test fundamental issues about their business’

New generations of consumers and employees entering the workplace are bringing vastly different expectations, which combined with the economic situation in the UK, has made transformation pretty much business as usual.

This article looks at how the most successful companies, for now, and in the near future, are those that can transform repeatedly as part of their consistent business.


Agile Transformations Don't Need To Be So Elusive

Agile transformation requires strategies to be implemented to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. According to surveys by Mercer and Deloitte, organisations need redesigning for the future, where teams are empowered to work towards a shared vision, which in the long-term will replace traditional hierarchical structures.

This article looks at how organisations can change their culture and leadership structure to allow them to become more agile.


Creating Sustainable Transformation in your organisation

For Change Management to become sustainable transformation, organisations need to include one thing - people.

From ensuring a shared vision between the organisation and employees to generating buy-in for implementation, employees are the backbone of a change project and need to be recognised and treated as such.

This video discusses three common themes that could help build a sustainable transformation within your organisation.

Preparing your team for business change

In business, change is absolutely necessary. So why are professionals ‘scared’ of it? Companies can admit that they need to change but continue to struggle acting on this. As leaders are aware that businesses need to change, the focus is on getting employees on board to ensure that change happens and sticks.

A summation of how to get employees on board with change in your organisation.


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