Process Trends July

This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Process.  


Preparing your team for business change

In business, change is absolutely necessary. So why are professionals ‘scared’ of it? Companies can admit that they need to change but continue to struggle acting on this. As leaders are aware that businesses need to change, the focus is on getting employees on board to ensure that change happens and sticks.

A summation of how to get employees on board with change in your organisation:


Top 10 requirements for successful business change

For business change to be successful, employees must understand what needs changing, how it will be changed and why the change is required. Meanwhile, all levels involved in the change need to be motivated to implement it, have the means to do so and be aligned to the change requirements.

These requirements can be separated into 10 essential steps...


Customer Experience at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is often considered to be solely focused on adding updates and improvements onto the existing systems, however, digital transformation is more than that. In it’s simplest form, digital transformation is about ensuring consumer needs are met at every point of interaction.

These key elements of digital transformation highlight how customer centric the process is.

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