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This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics with a focus on Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, Mental Health Awareness is emphasising its efforts on stress, which is one of the key drivers behind the growing levels of mental health issues.


Stress - Are We Coping?

Stress itself is not a mental health problem, it was initially a form of survival instinct, however, Social Scientist, Michael Marmot, describes stress as something that happens when we have no control over what is happening to us. Unfortunately (or fortunately) today, our survival instincts are required a lot less than they used to be, so our stress is becoming an everyday response triggered by anything, from your workload, to overthinking, or someone pushing you, or getting in the way on your commute.


Stress in the Workplace is a Strategic Business Risk

The ability to recognise stress within your employees and to understand the cause and how to relieve it are integral to employee wellbeing. An employee’s experience with stress can have an enormous impact on your organisations and potentially it’s reputation.

This video discusses how to identify stress in your employees and how your organisation could negate it.


Workplace Stress is Killing Us - Here’s What We Can Do About It

It’s something we don’t really discuss, but 49% of sick days are taken due to stress. The effects of workplace stress are widespread and costly, but there are actions we can take as individual and organisations that can reduce this.

This article looks at how to deal with stress on a personal and professional level:


Three in four Britons felt overwhelmed by stress, survey reveals

A recent study on the impacts of stress has revealed that ¾ of Britons have suffered from stress so badly that have felt unable to cope. Although stress itself isn’t a mental health issue, long-term stress can result in a development of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

This article looks at the results of that survey and how employers can relieve their employee's stress levels:


What Every Manager Needs to Know About Mental Health: A Glimpse into the Basics of Achieving Well-Being at Work

Mental health is a reality we cannot avoid, we must accept and confront it in the best way possible. Mental health awareness in the workplace is a growing discussion topic although it is still seen as a taboo. Mental health is not something that people suffer from and battle within their spare time, it affects them at work too. Organisational culture, values and management can have a major impact on employees physical and mental wellbeing but managers are not completely useless, they can do something…

This article highlights the fundamentals that managers need to understand about mental health to ensure they are doing their best for their employees:



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