People Trends June

This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of People, from Employee Engagement to HR Analytics.  


Bend the 'Golden Rule' to Improve Workplace Relationships

The 'Golden Rule' has been taught internationally for decades - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", however, everyone is different, so how can you treat them all the same. He looks at

This article discusses how the ‘Golden Rule’ can be adapted to ensure you are doing the best for your employees, and thus your organisation.


7 tips on People Analytics HR can count on

People Analytics is probably a phrase that many people have grown bored of hearing and reading, yet it is still a relatively new topic for HR to tackle. Other departments have been benefitting from the use of Big Data for at least a decade, so how can HR harness the surplus of data they have to benefit them?

This article looks at 7 ways in which people analytics can draw actionable insights that can help HR leaders make more informed people decisions in the long-term.


Cultural Transformation of HR in the Digital and Cognitive Era

The business environment is changing and becoming more challenging to exist in, with HR falling at the centre of the required cultural change that organisations need to undertake to succeed in the long-term.

This article considers how HR can change to encourage this cultural transformation; from acting based on data to acting as a consultant, almost separate from the company, to instil a new culture.


The Power of Staff Networks

Diversity and inclusion are a hot topic in businesses today, however, many organisations are riddled with obstacles for staff networks to overcome in the long-term. Organisational culture is integral to their approach to D&I, but getting it right now instead of changing it later is just as important to successful D&I within organisations.

This Q&A style interview with Cherron Inko-Tariah, Founder of The Power of Staff Networks, discusses Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, the importance of staff networks and the obstacles facing them.


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