Introducing our Women in Leadership Podcast

As a form of celebration for International Women's Day, we wanted to acknowledge the incredible work some of the women in our network have done. Over the last year, we hosted an incredible video series and webinar in partnership with CoachHub on Accelerating Women in Leadership. You can watch the full series in the below video:


We've also had a plethora of incredible female leaders as podcast guests on 'Transformation Talks', including Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup (Founder of enabling change), Dr Silvia Schäfer (Head of Strategic Business Engineering at Deutsche Bahn), Bridget Kenyon (EMEA CISO & Information Security Programmes Lead at Thales DIS), Yetunde Hofmann (NED at CIPD, Managing Director of The Enjoyable Life Series and Synchrony Development Consulting) to name a few, covering a variety of topics from 'Leading transformation past the concept and into reality', to 'Modern Businesses and Cyber Security' and 'Strategic Talent Acquisition in a Digital Age'. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our previous guests and to announce a new sub-series of our Transformation Talks podcast - 'Women in Leadership'.

In 2019, the proportion of women in senior management roles globally grew to 29%, the highest number ever recorded. In 2020, this percentage remained the same. We're choosing to challenge. 

This sub-series of our podcast focuses on women in leadership and how we can change that from that 29%, increasing representation. Throughout these conversations, we will look at what it means to be a female leader, how to get ahead and what businesses need to recognise or do today to create a more diverse tomorrow. We will also use this space to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias and ultimately take action for equality.

We are delighted to be providing a series that showcases global, female leaders and helps to drive representation through understanding. 

Watch this space!