A Wider Perspective with Google

Our technology and devices are becoming increasingly interconnected, creating the Internet of Things (IoT), but our interaction is no longer device bound it involves a substantial amount of voice interaction, which has created what Google refers to as the 'ambient internet'.

Our partners IQPC and TEX have conducted an interview around the ambient internet and the future of technology with Google's Director of Strategy and Operations, Craig Fenton.

Our Top Tips and Takeaways from this interview:

Ambient Internet isn't the future...it's now.

Consumer's activity and nature have changed. We ask more questions, more often, using a great deal of vocal interaction (due to the development of Alexa, Siri etc.), resulting in a more personalised experience for consumers.   

Impatience has changed the customer experience.

The requirement for everything 'now', not tomorrow, has escalated through technological developments, like Google providing all the knowledge we want/need almost instantaneously, or Amazon providing a quick purchase to doorstep service, consequently increasing our impatience and changing our expectations from customer service.

Machine Learning, automation and big data are more involved in your daily life than you think.

More digital data will be created in 2018, than in 5,000 years of human history, so machine learning and automation will come into their own in the way they process this sheer amount of data to create a personalised experienced, referred to by Google as the 'internet of me'.


Download the full case study here to:

  • Help understand the link automation and ambient internet
  • Understand how Google approach their technology strategy
  • Understand what 'Ambient Internet' is and how to implement it in your workplace


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The Business Transformation Network has posted this article in partnership with IQPC and TEX Week Europe.