What stays the same with digital by Stan Horwitz

Stan Horwitz (Master OD and Transformation Practitioner), has created a video which explores several key questions regarding changes at the ITOS levels as we are catapulted even deeper into the world of Digital towards Singularity, post-COVID. Stan continues to look at redefining values in terms of digital and how to use them to evolve organisations and business models and the way in which digital and businesses may be impacted by COVID.

Does everything change?

Does anything stay the same? Should it?

Should we be cautious, manage or mitigate risk or are the “push factors” simply too strong to resist? 

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Stan Horwitz is a Principal Consultant - Digital Business Transformation at The Singularity Company. He works toward creating a Purposeful working world through business and people transformation that has a positive sustainable economic AND social impact.

He strives to make sense of Complexity and develops (Post COVID) Digital Business and People (HR) Strategies. These are enabled through various combinations of disruptive technologies - empowered by Talent.

In terms of implementation, he provides expert support boosted by other project resources (Freelancers) and / consulting teams. Stan strives to ensure that he utilises the most suited and appropriate Project Methodologies dependent on his client's CONTEXT and the unique problems / questions they are trying to solve or answer.

As we move through and beyond Digital into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, towards Singularity, Stan adds value through his innovative offerings.