User Adoption, an IT or L&D challenge?

The biggest driver for user adoption is the way users are trained and how a system is positioned within their role.

System training often falls into a grey area. Some will suggest that IT are best placed to handle it as they manage, support and change the systems. Others think that L&D are the experts in creating training programmes and engaging employees. Where do you stand?

IT systems are the arteries carrying data from team to team, ensuring whole organisations have the right information at the right time. With so much at stake, it’s bizarre that organisations still find it hard to decide where the responsibility for user training falls.

When systems fail to meet expectations, user adoption is always near – if not at – the top of the list of why. Forrester Research* suggests that “people” issues are the biggest challenge in CRM implementations. The results show three distinct significant threats:


So, who should take the lead on user adoption?

It’s an organisational issue that ultimately lies at the feet of L&D and IT. 

In my experience, delivering high user adoption demands a combined effort from L&D and IT, working in sync to develop and provide the training.

Knowing this, how do you create a programme to align your organisation with new methods of working? How do you develop training engaging enough in its own right to drive user adoption to new heights?

That’s where Attensi’s gamified 3D simulations come in!

The Business Transformation Network has shared this article in partnership with Attensi.