Uber or Black Cab… by Kelly Swingler

Uber or Black Cab – Which is Your HR Function?

I’ve used Uber a few times, but have to say I’ve been a Black Cab kind of girl for years and there is something familiar about them that makes me stick with them.

Yesterday though I started to think differently.  My last few trips to London have involved a Cab ride, none of the drivers have known where to go and the cost, compared to what an Uber would have been almost double the cost and the card machines haven’t been working so cash has been paid, one driver even dropping me at a cash machine.

I know a cab isn’t cheap, but for the most part, I use them for their knowledge.  It doesn’t appear though for the drivers I have had of late that this has been kept up to date.

Uber is cheaper, you know (roughly) what the journey will cost, you can see who is going to drive you and no cash is involved.  Other than a short walk to find the Uber before your journey can start, it can be more convenient and much cheaper.  It’s just the click of a button with a fixed price.

Both Cab and Uber will get you to where to want to be, it’s the user experience that differs

As I started to write this, this article popped into my newsfeed and it made me think on a whole new scale as it feels a little toys out of the pram.  I totally understand the need to want to protect your livelihood and the history of the Black Cab, but is every profession going to start suing online competition?

If we don’t do enough to deliver the experience to our customers and our people want, then we start to create the need for them to go elsewhere.

So which is your HR function?

Are you carrying on the way you always used to, not keeping your knowledge or skills up to date, with broken tech – assuming you are always as reliable as you were before and presenting some outcomes that don’t please your customers?  Are you fighting against the introduction of tech and blaming outside influences for the lack of ease for the customer (employee) experience.

Or are you keeping up to date with the latest tech, asking users to do a little bit of the work to help with the initial navigation and then making the rest of the journey as easy as possible and focused on the user?

People want choice, people want ease, people want to know what they are getting – are you delivering?


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Kelly Swingler is the Rule Breaker and Founder of Chrysalis Consulting, The People and Change Experts and was appointed as the UK’s Youngest HR Director.  Kelly is passionate about helping people find bespoke people solutions to suit the needs of their business and is driving our mission of inspiring and empowering 10,000 HR professionals in 2018. She is the author of Fostering a Mindset for Career SuccessAGILE HR and what’s your excuse for not Overcoming Stress and speaks at many events on the Future of Work.