Turning People Data into People Insights

An introduction to People Science

Many organisations acquire copiuos amounts of data about their workforce, but they do not know how to put it to use to understand why their workforce behvaes the way it does. Without understanding how and why their people interact in the way they do, organisations can't make better people decisions.

People data is everywhere within our organisations, in multiple forms, but having this data collected across different systems, often means it gets lost. To ensure the best analytics of your people data it should all be integrated into one single system of record.

With only 37% of organisations saying they use analytics and data in HR to make decisions, the importance of understanding data cannot continue being ignored and glazed over.


Our partner, Sage People, have developed an infographic displaying how to turn people data into people insight and analytics, considering how insights can make a massive difference to talent attraction and retention. You can access the infographic here.