Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have become more than just buzzwords, they're now part of modern business. The topics often become confused and conflated, being used interchangeably, which demonstrates our general lack of understanding within this space. 

As form of basic explanation:

Cryptocurrency is digital money created from code, which is free from governmental oversight and is monitored by peer-to-peer internet protocol. 

Blockchain is a cryptographically secured list of records of transactions.

Bitcoin is the most famous form of cryptocurrency.

The accessibility of cryptocurrencies is a large contributing factor to its breakthrough. The new financial world of cryptocurrencies, started out very much like the old financial world did... predominantly male, but society today is different and diversity within crypto market is growing. Women in crypto are beginning to take many of the top jobs, closing the gender gap within this inclusive technology platform.

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Here are 8 of some of the women to watch in the crypto market:


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