Sodexo's humble journey around experience design and impacts on the future of work

A key speaker topic from R&D Innovation Conference which will take place on 3 - 5 June 2019 in Paris at Pullman La Défense.

Spotlight Speaker: Nicolas PetitJean, Group VP of Experience Design at Sodexo.

How do we address our diversity of workplaces, work styles?

In this talk, Nicolas Petitjean will share the questions that keep him awake at night with the audience: What is experience design? How do we approach it? Why do systems matter in it and the Futurespective of work?

What exactly is ‘experience design?"

Experience design is a term that was born out of the dotcom, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors. In those fields, it is common for professionals to create exceptional products, services, educational sessions, that push the boundaries in their respective industries to get a continuum of experience. It is also related from an end user perspective to shift toward “access” versus “possess”. In the workplace, for example, experience design is the practice of designing products, services, journeys, interactions or environments that define the ecosystem with an overarching focus on the quality of the stakeholder’s experience.

For years, at Sodexo we have been designing great services and solutions for our clients. The modern practice of experience design encourages us to move ‘upstream’ on the needs, attitudes, and expectations of our stakeholders. Designing experiences involves thinking and understanding what happens before, during, and after a service interaction: how do we integrate our impact on communities, different stakeholders that might not expect the same benefits?

Nicolas Petitjean currently works within Sodexo as Experience Design Senior Leader, to establish foundations on the experience design fields - from clients, to consumers, to/with the teams - create experience continuums that improve people's quality of life. He has spent the last 18 years leading design and innovation teams in several sectors while always keeping an eye on the end user.

Also, hear case studies from... Rolls Royce, Danone, Nestle, Twitter, Airbnb...

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