So, you want successful change? by Paul Taylor

Change is a constant and permanent presence in the world of business today, and all organisations carry a long list of change projects or initiatives that they are trying to implement.

However, despite the vast amount of resources, money and time dedicated to change its record of success is very poor. Therefore, the key question is why is this the case? This is where this book jumps in to help by providing a set of ideas, processes and tips to try and improve the record of implementing successful change.

If you search the internet, then you will likely find thousands (if not, millions) of articles on change, each with varying definitions. This book focuses on the proactive approach where organisations actively choose to make changes.

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Paul Taylor is a consultant with over 30 years of experience of implementing a wide range of change across the financial services, oil/gas, charities and professional bodies. In addition, Paul is an author speaker on a variety of subjects such as change management, freelancing, technology, financial services, research approaches, big data, robotic process automation, offshoring, outsourcing and vendor management.  He has published two books namely “So you want to go contacting” and “So you want successful change”

Paul is also a Chair and NED for a variety of industry and social enterprises covering Gambling Addiction awareness, Performing Arts for BAME population and ethical management. Finally, Paul is a Mentor to various people as well as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University STEM school teaching Technology Management.