Racism - Let’s explore what might really be going on by Andrew Fox

Racism is an important topic that people need to tackle and that is exactly what this eBook from Andrew Fox does. He looks into what might actually be going on when it comes to racism and prejudice, whilst also looking at wider issues within humanity as a whole, considering how every individual and institution in the world, could eventually "start to play a broader role as a global citizen and steward of the future". If you want to read more of the book for free, click the button below.


In this book, I explore the links between the egregious murder of George Floyd, with the abuse and trafficking of girls and woman in India, and the slave trade in Africa used to harvest a significant percentage of the worlds cocoa used in the chocolate industry. I also link these to what is and isn’t happening in organisations today and finally relate some of these to personal experiences. I hope my deliberate controversial views spark at least some debate, ideally, significant change.

I end with my thoughts on what needs to be done.


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Andrew Fox is MD of Rhino Consulting and is an HR Professional, commercially focused and results driven with an excellent track record in leading brands in Financial Services and Professional Services, globally (previously Group Head of Learning & Talent Development at HSBC). Andrew is accomplished at influencing at Board level, providing an unrivalled focus on delivery and execution combined with an ability to create and frame the strategic agenda.