The Promise of Unstructured Data for HR

How to use free-text data to get inside the heads and hearts of employees.

Unstructured data is where the answers live.

Unstructured data can provide deep insight into what’s really happening within an organization. Consider employee surveys. Open-ended, free-text responses provide richer detail than answers to rating-scale style questions. While enterprise companies have no shortage of this data (80% of organizational data tends to be unstructured), it’s been hard to analyze and work with—until now.

Advances in machine learning and natural language processing are propelling us into a new era of employee insights by unlocking unstructured data. In the past, an employee survey might tell you that 71% of sales associates are dissatisfied with senior leadership. With today’s new data models, they can tell you why they’re dissatisfied.

Engagement survey comments, onboarding questionnaires, performance reviews—all these channels of unstructured data can be used to quantify employees’ emotions and opinions.

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