Performance Testing Services

Often overlooked in favour of Functional Testing, Performance Testing is an invaluable part of the quality assurance process. Without it, companies risk losing vast amounts of time and money trying to fix problems they never expected to have.

Having confidence in the functional behaviour of an application or website is vital - yet this is only half the battle. Just as important is ensuring the expected traffic volumes do not bring the system grinding to a halt.

Performance Reassurance

We check how your applications and systems perform under load, identifying performance issues before your customers do.

We work closely with you to identify real life scenarios, which are then simulated using our set of open source and proprietary tools, to identify bottlenecks and recommend improvements to increase performance, maximise uptime and give you reassurance that your infrastructure and software can cope with both planned and unplanned traffic.

Software and Applications

We help clients performance test many different system types, including websites, mobile apps, ERP and CRM systems, booking systems, ecommerce sites, Student Record Systems and more.

Stress Testing vs Load Testing

Performance Testing is frequently referred to as Load Testing or Stress Testing but, in fact, these are specific testing operations that are part of Performance Testing and frequently run together.

Load Testing gauges the ability of infrastructure to support the expected usage of a system while Stress Testing examines the ability to support exceptional and extreme transaction volumes.


Our standardised methodology for Performance Testing includes questionnaires for information gathering, coding standards for scripts, and structured templates for plans and reports. This allows our Consultants to deliver each engagement to universally high standards.

The Consultants use a range of tools to design and execute workload modelling and realistic simulations of peak loads to find breaking points while measuring response times and system resources.

We’re not tied to any testing tool providers, so we are able to offer an impartial service that pairs the best tool for each project with your desired outcomes, taking into account the nature of your requirements and technical architecture.


To that end, ProlificsTesting has put together a business white paper on the importance of Performance Testing, and how they help clients trust in the stability and reliability of their platforms.

The Business Transformation Network has shared this whitepaper in partnership with Prolifics Testing.