Is onboarding crucial for employee and business success?

While many companies spend most of their time and resources creating complex customer journeys to drive profitable business growth, a lot of them don’t pay much attention to staff development and related themes such as employee onboarding. 

The impact of effective onboarding programs in business success cannot be denied: they allow to reduce time-to-productivity, offering staff a memorable employee experience. 

Companies seem unaware 

Nowadays, an alarming number of companies aren’t focusing their efforts on providing their new hires an effective onboarding. According to a recent survey, 22% of companies don’t even have any type of onboarding program implemented, whereas another 49% only has a slightly successful program in force. Moreover, a report from Gallup stated that 88% of employees believe the onboarding processes of new hires aren’t satisfactory.  


This brings us then to the following question: are HR professionals unaware of the many benefits of a proper onboarding? Companies with standard onboarding programs in force tend to increase their new hire productivity by 50%, whereas 54% of companies that carry out onboarding programs experience higher team engagement, and 69% of employees seem to be more likely to stay with a company for three years if they go through an effective onboarding program: just to name a few benefits. 

People first 

The costs of replacing outgoing new-hires are extremely high: up to 213% of an executive’s salary to replace a new employee. Thus, implementing and launching effective onboarding processes is crucial. Plus, employees value more and more companies that place people first. 


Since the first days in a new job stick with you for a lifetime, whether you are new to the company, or simply changing roles, organizations need to create engaging employee journeys that tackle all the complexities of start working at a new place so that the new hires keep engaged and motivated with the company and stay longer. Besides, demotivation and neglection are unfortunately contagious feelings that when spread throughout the team can decrease its productivity sharply. 


Give people a voice with niikiis 

By implementing effective onboarding programs your company will be able to retain talent saving time and money, whilst keeping the workforce engaged and motivated all along.  

If you have specific onboarding needs, check out what niikiis can do for you. niikiis is an onboarding platform specially designed to successfully integrate new hires to the company as well as people changing roles or upskilling by optimizing communication and promoting a collaborative environment as a basis for higher performance. Help your HR team save time and money, whilst accelerating the time-to-productivity of your workforce. Get in touch with niikiis here for further details. 


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