New year, new tech: How to beat the competition

There will always be one certainty during these uncertain times…Investing in new technology will keep you ahead of the game so you can beat the competition. 

Smarp found that “40% of companies say they’re planning to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working.” 

Are you wanting to get one up on rival recruiters or companies in 2022? Well, there’s no better time than now to be looking at how you can better your processes and communications to set your business on course for success.  

Innovative functionality and in-depth data insights 

Want to give your team a huge gift? How about providing them with seamlessly integrated functionality, for them to do their roles quicker, easier, and with greater rewards? That way they’ll know they’ve ended up on Santa’s Nice List.  

We filled our solution with features that will enhance productivity, save time and store all your communications. Quite simply, we make your day-to-day work life easier. 

Whether it’s recording all your calls, sending SMS, or clicking to dial a number; we’ve got your back. Plus, we save everything straight into each contact’s record within your CRM.  

When you manage your CRM system and calls separately, you miss out on important data about your processes; what’s working and what isn’t. 

Being able to automatically monitor your teams’ calls and stats provides you with an accurate, instant, and realistic view of what’s going on. That’s why CloudCall has real-time monitoring features built-in, so you’re always up to date. 

Data insights are precious and can help your business strategy as well as help you better manage your teams. Exceeding your goals, gaining back precious lost time, maintaining standards, and squeezing the best from your candidate information doesn’t have to mean working harder – just smarter. 

Automation is a recruiter’s best friend 

You may have heard the term ‘automation’ a lot recently. Within the recruitment technology industry (where we live), it basically means stuff-that-you-have-to-do-but-is-boring-or-long-winded-so-a-computer-does-it-for-you. If you’re automating your processes, you can spend more time on other tasks (or going to the pub or gobbling a mince pie, whatever works for you). 

CloudCall was built with you, the user, in mind. Recruiters spend a lot of time making calls to their candidates and clients, whilst trying to write down notes, add them to their contact records and hold a conversation at the same time. 

By using a phone system like CloudCall, which stores all your communications in the contact’s CRM record, you can fully immerse yourself in every conversation, safe in the knowledge that CloudCall is in the background saving all important information. 

Automation is a huge thing in recruitment right now and CloudCall is pretty good at it. We’re so passionate about it, in fact, we’ve spoken about it quite a lot this year, in blogs and webinars

CloudCall’s Senior Sales Director, Neville James, recently spoke to UK Recruiter on a webinar, in which Neville speaks about how advances in technology have paved the way for new ways of working and how automation and AI won’t stop growing within recruitment any time soon.  

You can catch up here

CloudCall can help your Recruitment Team beat the competition in 2022 and to do so, there’s no time like the present to invest in new technology.