Mastering the RPO Journey

In an ever-changing world of work, being impacted by a multitude of external influences, hiring sits at the focal point of the success and growth of an organisation.

Historically, RPO was perceived as something only for large companies, those in particular industries or hiring for certain positions. The evolution of the HR function and the role of HR as a strategic business partner has had a direct impact on the way organisations have approached talent acquisition.

RPO programmes can now be brought in to handle hiring spikes, resulting in an agile and transformative way an organisation approaches talent acquisition.

If you are thinking about utilising RPO as an add-on to your current hiring solution, or if you are looking for an RPO solution to compliment your talent acquisition team, consider asking yourself these 7 questions before you embark on the RPO journey. Download your free copy of the Sevenstep guide here

This article was a featured article from Tuesday 17th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020