Leadership Development Programme

The Leadership Development Programme was created after years of successful interventions in many organisations, and in various sectors around the world. Why not view some of the major benefits achieved by some of our clients who have gone through this programme by downloading the case study.

Leadership development is one of the key ingredients that allow organisations to drive improvement at all levels, in a sustainable way. Because of this, S A Partners have created a Programme that sits within a structured framework, and that supports the development of an organisations Leadership, competencies and skills at all levels.

What is the purpose?

It develops the necessary behaviours for leaders at the front line, middle and senior levels to engage people in their improvement journey.

Provide awareness for leaders about the most effective behaviours to exhibit at each management level in the business.

Provide an accredited development approach for leaders aligned to the Lean Competency System.

The Leadership Development Programme, how does it work?

The programme delivers 2 courses which are The Leadership Foundation Course, and The Advanced Leadership Course. Both courses focus on the following leadership competencies:

Who I am

  • How I think
  • How I speak & listen
  • How I manage time
  • How I’m developed

What I do

  • How I deliver
  • What I deliver
  • Why

My team

  • How I lead change
  • How I adapt my style
  • How I train, coach & facilitate
  • How I motivate

Both of these leadership development programme courses are accredited via Cardiff University & Lean Competency System (LCS), and includes a combination of training, coaching, self reflection and auditable evidence of improvement.

How is the Programme delivered?

Candidates must complete a training needs analysis and commit to a twelve month development plan.

Attend regular coaching review sessions.

Complete the knowledge confirmation questions

Complete self-reflection log, showing how candidates have developed over the 12 months based on twelve inputs.

Complete activity register evidencing how the candidate has spent the training days, coaching sessions, and practical experience.

We have constructed the Leadership Development Programme to be delivered around the 10:20:70 model where 10% of time is spent being trained in the classroom, 20% of time is spent being coached and 70% is practising the skills within the work environment.

If you’d like to find out more about how S A Partners can help your Leadership Improvement programme, then please contact Simon Grogan.


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