Leaders: Feel Better, Do Better

These recent times have had to be one of the most challenging experiences for many leaders. So many organisations and the people within it are vulnerable now and it is the responsibility of leaders to support their people, which can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect. 

We also know that not everyone is comfortable with the need for mental health and wellbeing support, because emotions and business are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. And comfortable or not, how people are feeling has to be a priority right now.

Rising Vibe take a simple, practical and no-nonsense approach to bring wellbeing to the heart of organisational culture and on Wednesday 25th November they are giving people in business the opportunity to gain insight into how they start to do this, during a FREE 2-hour leadership taster session from 11am – 1pm. Please register interest to attend here.


Rising Vibe are Culture Consultants.

Traditionally, you might call them a ‘people development’ or ‘change management’ business. But they don’t do traditional. Rising Vibe design and deliver learning and development solutions that help organisations use emotion to drive cultural change.

You have a business to run and you want results. You want your people to deliver what is expected of them, so you need them to be the very best they can be, every day.

But sometimes they’re not.


You also have a workforce of human beings with complex feelings and emotions. Confidence can wobble. Motivation dips. There can be disengagement. Lack of concentration. And especially so in these current times, feelings of isolation and uncertainty. There can be a whole range of complex challenges running through your business culture. And they all come from social pain. Feelings of isolation, rejection, exclusion, feeling judged, undervalued and misunderstood. Rising Vibe are experts in minimising social pain.

Neuroscience tells us that social pain is experienced in the same way as physical pain and it’s having a huge impact on business performance.

Social pain leads to many cultural challenges including:

  • Low resilience
  • Poor communication
  • Short term tick-box solutions that don’t deliver
  • Fear around addressing diversity
  • Inclusion and performance management
  • Resistance to change
  • Silo working 
  • Disconnected senior leadership.


Social pain is cited in every piece of research on work-related stress. It’s a huge driver for absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism. Put simply, social pain affects your bottom line. Looking after the wellbeing of the people within your business isn’t pink and fluffy. It’s fundamental to business success.

Rising Vibe help business leaders create a culture where their people feel safe enough to be themselves. Where everyone across the organisation can be real, where there’s no pressure to be permanently positive, where it’s safe to say I don’t know, I don’t understand and I’m struggling. It’s not about being high vibe all of the time, instead it’s about focusing on optimism and hope, even from a very low vibe place, which means that if they choose to, people have more opportunities to feel better. Even if it’s only by the smallest margin.

In a culture where people feel SAFE, they’re open and they’re honest. They have the conversations that matter. They say how they’re really feeling. They feel valued and reconnect with their colleagues and the business. They’re motivated. Energised. Passionate. They feel better, so they do better. Performance improves and the business does better. A lot better.


Rising Vibe believe that every organisation should place wellbeing at the very heart of its culture, because when you take care of your people the business takes care of itself.

If you’re interested in finding out how Rising Vibe can support business leaders to start to do this, you can sign up to their FREE Leadership Taster Session here

Rising Vibe have partnered with HR Directors, People Directors, Operations Directors, Sales Directors, Managing Directors and many more, to deliver brilliant results. So, if you’re responsible for culture, learning, development or change initiatives within your organisation, sign up to the session above or you can get in touch with the team directly on hello@rising-vibe.com


The Business Transformation Network has shared this article in partnership with Rising Vibe.