The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation

Technology has changed pretty much everything in the modern business world, but how can it transform the customer experience, productivity and efficiency at work? While it’s true that HR processes are still very manual, document-driven and ripe for digitalisation, to transform them is often more complex than other business unit processes within your organisation.

In this eBook, our partner People Doc look at how an HR Service Delivery platform can help automate processes (in 8 simple steps) - and where are the best places to start:

1. Internal Transfer

2. Tuition Reimbursement

3. Employment Verification (VOE) Letter

4. Disciplinary Action

5. Personalised Offboarding Processes

6. M&A Processes

7. Life Status Change

8. Security and Training

The opportunity for automation is prevalent, if not overwhelming; knowing where to start is key. The 8 processes outlined in this ebook are some of the most commonly automated HR processes and serve as a great starting place for your organisation’s digital transformation.

You can view People Doc's The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation The 8 Best Places to Start Automating HR Processes.

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