It's a Snow Day. Let's S.O.U.R.C.E ! by Jackson David

#talentacquisition #snowday

When it's white, windy and cold outside what do you do? I think it’s a great time to S.O.U.R.C.E for top-talent. Here are some of my quick-tips:

S - Simplify your approach & your in-mails. Lead your email with, “It’s cold out today, but this opportunity it Hot! Let's chat!”

O - Open your mind to other ways, tools, and means to reach your talent pool. “Have you thought of everything?” #twitter #googlesearch #coldcall #instagram

U – “U” have the ability to find that Purple-Squirrel candidate. I believe in you! Could it be all in the approach? Remove yourself from the equation in your In-Mails and calls, and make it all about THEM. #selfless

R - Are you timing your in-mails, tweets, and calls to the best time of day to reach Top-Talent? Did you know, most successful people get to work at least 30 minutes earlier than their less successful peers? Try calling first thing in the morning before your potential candidates’ office gets busy with a buzz or a Brrrrrrrrr!

C - Clear and Confident. Be clear with your message to your prospect and be confident in what you have to say. Confidence and Clarity give your passive candidate more reason to listen.

E - Take it “easy”. I know, it's hard sometimes to churn through the sourcing process, especially on a hard-to-fill role. My advice? Take it easy on yourself. If you don't get a reply today or this week, try again. If your eyes start to cross from looking at LinkedIn profiles all day; take it easy by taking care of yourself with a break, your favourite song on Spotify, or a walk around the block.

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Jackson David is currently the Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, and Employer Brand at Etsy supporting search and talent strategies. He is also the founder of JD Talent Search + Strategies, a consulting consortium that works with start-ups and enterprise clients on executive search strategies, talent mapping, employer branding, and long-term talent strategies.

With now 20 years of both business and talent leadership experience, Jackson focusses a lot of his spare time on giving back to the community and supporting networking and product ideas to the Start-Up community. He is excited by creating pathways and mechanisms for people to reach success and is equally passionate about travel, family, and new technologies.