IT Modernisation on a Page by Harvey Neve

A few years ago I was asked to explain IT modernisation to a main board Director in a couple of minutes. I created a "Killer Slide" (see a previous article) which worked well and has been "borrowed" by lots of people since then.

So I've updated the slide to reflect the digital times we live in and thought I'd throw it out there in case it's of interest and use. 


The key message here is that old IT systems create an environment which controls and constrain the way people work. Strategies are slow to adapt, "reacting" to the changing needs of the business.

Digital ways of working are turning this model on its head. IT must be a service that enables delivery, responding quickly to the ever-changing business needs as the business in turn changes from providing an "offer" to fulfilling ever-changing customer needs.

It wasn't that long ago that we went to work to use all of the most modern tech. But things have changed and technology is now much more accessible and available to the masses. You only need to consider the power in a modern smartphone. So we now aim to have IT at work at least as good as that which we have at home, but all too many businesses don't and technology has progressed such that it's easier than ever for individuals and groups to create their own "shadow". IT infrastructure hosted outside of corporate networks and we've all read the headlines when this goes wrong.

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Harvey Neve is head of digital products and transformation at Public Health England and a specialist in leadership and change management having held transformational leadership roles in both the private and public sectors, more recently leading the application of new technologies and adoption of the behavioural change required to realise the benefits of digital transformation. Harvey is also director of Inglefield Consulting who specialises in leadership and culture development.

Harvey is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a regular blogger/speaker and lives with his wife and family in County Durham, England.