Inclusive Diversity in Hiring Guide

Diversity and Inclusion are a key topic within businesses today, yet not many businesses know how to build an inclusive and diverse approach to recruitment.

While it has been proven time and time again that diverse and inclusive teams are more effective than teams who have the same experiences and perspectives (they generate more revenue, make better and faster decisions, drive more innovation), many employers have still made little progress with D&I. And less than 40% of recruiters say their function has implemented a D&I strategy. (Gartner 2019). Achieving both Diversity and Inclusion is key to driving the best performance. So, how do you make progress with both in recruiting? Download our partner, Oleeo's guide to see practical strategies you can adopt to make your recruitment more inclusive and diverse.

This guide, from our partner Oleeo, outlines steps you can take to move the needle in D&I, informing your strategy and achieving your D&I goals.

The Business Transformation Network has shared this guide in partnership with Oleeo.