The HR Reality Report

What causes Human Resources to be in a state of Limbo, and how it creates a burning platform for HR. It contains practical tips and “how-to’s” on how you can achieve a purpose-driven HR transformation.

eloomi is an employee experience solution focused on driving people growth, engagement and productivity. We’ve had hundreds of conversations with HR professionals over the past few years and there is one thing many HR professionals can agree on - HR is stuck in a limbo between achieving their ideal culture and their HR missions. That’s why they’ve compiled a report about how to identify if you are in an HR limbo, the steps you can take to bring your company out of the limbo, and insights to help you succeed in the work of now.

This report covers the following in an attempt to understand how HR can face its reality:

  • Consequences and business impacts of being in “HR Limbo”
  • Questions to verify if you are also caught in an “HR Limbo”
  • How you can balance business demands and workforce generations while staying on track with HR missions
  • How you can get out of the “HR Limbo” and why it is the work of now
  • How you can save time and money by easily changing your processes with five key steps

Download the free whitepaper here.

This article was a featured article from Monday 27th January 2020