How Superdry Saved Money and Improved Performance

Internal culture is integral to maintaining a strong brand throughout organisations, especially retail ones, but the right staff are needed to ensure the brand image is kept up.

In retail, staff turnover is a whopping 2.5x higher than that of other industries. And if every bad hire costs your business 1.5x their annual salary, the costs mount up. Not to mention the lost sales from not having a full team on the store floor every day ... bad hire costs, add up - fast.

Superdry, known for their contemporary, innovative and exciting way of thinking, worked with our partner, PredictiveHire, to hire people that fit within their organisation better to improve their brand reputation, hiring process and staff retention. The specific project focused on their retail arm, looking at creating a simpler way of life for store managers by speeding up and improving shortlist, which in turn will boost the number of long-lasting, productive employees.

PredictiveHire helped Superdry by improving their application process, to find the right people for the role, ensuring productivity and employee retention.

“... if all store managers had only hired those with predictions in the upper quartile, their staff turnover would have reduced from 46% to 34%.”