How Performance Management is Killing Performance (Hard Talk HR) by Tamra Chandler

As part of The BTN's partnership with HR Congress, we bring you a fascinating webinar from Tamra Chandler, CEO/Founder of Peoplefirm, on Performance Management.

In this interactive webinar session, award-winning CEO and author M. Tamra Chandler will provide you with all the tools and practical techniques you’ll need in order to be able to successfully rethink, redesign, and reboot performance management in your own organisation.

An Interactive Webinar to Help Reboot Performance Management in Your Organisation – More and more HR leaders are now beginning to listen to that inner voice saying that old-school performance management methods, such as the dreaded evaluation forms and annual reviews just don’t work anymore, but few organizations have managed to implement bold, substantial changes to their practices.

After all, how do you start fresh and design a performance management solution that actually provides the outcomes you are seeking, rather than just tweaking your old model?