How to go from crisis to recovery as a leader

Against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty, businesses are rethinking approaches to assessing and developing executive talent to focus on the strengths that will help leaders navigate the challenges created by the pandemic, unlock leadership potential and promote self-awareness.

Our partner, Cappfinity, conducted research focused on contextualising leadership in the modern business world, which has allowed them to describe the key areas that drive leadership's impact in the ‘new normal’ of digitally underpinned, dispersed and agile organisations.

They have released a whitepaper, A guide to the key strengths needed for leadership success in 2021, explaining 8 leadership strengths that drive leadership impact in the ‘new normal’, why they are important and how to identify leaders with these attributes.

Click here for the whitepaper.

We will be continuing this topic of conversation with Cappfinity and an amazing panel in a free webinar on Wednesday 31st March at 11am.

Join the panel discussion with Cappfinity’s Leadership Assessment Director, Celine Floyd, and Development Director, Stephanie Hopper, who are joined by David Dinsmore (Chief Operating Officer at News UK) and Allyson Smith (Global Head of Partnership Office at Clyde & Co.) to discuss the challenges of the last 12 months and the innovations that are helping organisations to identify and develop executive leaders who are able to successfully steer their businesses through recovery and into growth.

Throughout the event, we will follow the agenda below:

  • How has the pandemic reshaped what we need from our leaders?
  • Why do we feel like leader weakness is a higher risk than leader strength?
  • Is the way we assess and develop our leaders holding us back – is it time for change?
  • What does the future of leadership really look like, given the last twelve months?


This whitepaper was a piece of featured content from Friday 26th March 2021.