How to avoid a talent crisis by Kirsty Brooks

Talent appears to be in crisis. Organisations are struggling to find the right talent, and if they do then they are having difficulty attracting, engaging and retaining them, making the workforce increasingly competitive. As a result, many businesses are considering a new route when dealing with talent, completely re-imagining their talents strategy.


This complimentary Talent Strategy ebook guides organisations who are starting to think about talent planning within their business. Filled with useful insights and guidance to get you going in the attraction, engagement and retention of key employees within your business and enabling you to meet future business objectives by aligning your people with your future vision.


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Kirsty has an enormous amount of passion for business, people and life that transfers into her company, People Perform. Realising at an early stage that a focus on the entire employee lifecycle can bring huge growth potential to an organisation, Kirsty set out to acquire the skills and experience needed to support businesses grow through their people focus. Kirsty now aspires to share that experience, the tools and the know how with businesses of all sizes supporting them to attract, engage and retain their valuable assets.