Hiring Better People with Significant Time Savings with Predictive Hire


So what were Employsure’s business objectives for using our technology?
• Hire people who will stay and perform.
• Accelerate sales growth through reducing time to hire.
• Decrease direct and indirect cost of hiring in the recruitment process through the use of technology.

Our growth ambition is high. Growth comes from hiring great people who stay and achieve exceptional results. UsingPredictiveHire’s technology helps us to do that efficiently. Michael Morris, Head of Talent

Uncover the DNA of your best performers using PredictiveHire technology.
We gathered data from their existing team to understand the DNA of their best performers. Predictions came from matching employee’s responses to a set of questions identifying their traits and attributes against objective performance data for the same individuals.

Instead of inferring (or ‘informed-guessing’) a person’s likely performance from the usual recruitment methods of interview and psych testing, the actual performance data of real employees in a role is mined. This data is used to identify those criteria that actually differentiate or identify higher performance.

The best talent can be predicted with 85% accuracy.
Using PredictiveHire’s proprietary machine learning models, we identified patterns between the employee responses and these performance metrics. This showed that by using our predictive model, we can predict with 85% accuracy whether an applicant who completes the same assessment, will be in the top quartile of performers.
In this way, we uncovered the DNA of the best in Employsure.
Every time you shortlist based on a prediction, you raise the average of talent for your organisation – all without bias.

Interview everyone and make it fair for all to get a role with Employsure.
As Employsure has grown over the last few years, so have their volume of applicants, all who want to be part of a successful growing business.

We are attracting so many more applicants now. People want to work for us – a company recognised as one of the best companies to work for in our region. The quality of our people really matters to both our culture and our results. We love that the tool finds us the best people, fast and without bias. Michael Morris, Head of Talent

Simplicity and speed rules.
No one’s time is served well by reading CVs. Employsure wants it’s team focused on customers and not wasting time reviewing CVs and interviewing the wrong people. Shortlisting fast, means Employsure can reduce time to hire and grow faster.

We love that PredictiveHire gives us a recommendation that allows us to create our shortlist fast. This means time to hire and resource involved in hiring reduce by 90%.

Scaling good and fair recruitment decisions is best achieved via relying on data to guide hiring decisions.


The Business Transformation Network has posted this article in partnership with Predictive Hire.