Future-proof your organization

Recent experiences have taught us the value of knowing what skills reside within the organization, how demand for skills can swiftly shift with the market, and the value of deploying or developing existing employees to meet changing needs.

By knowing how work will change and the impact on skills demand, organizations can reskill or upskill their people to future-proof their workforces.

According to a recent study by Eightfold, 46% of the participants in our survey say they do not have programs that link pay to the development of skills. At the same time, less than a third acknowledge that they indirectly reward for skill development through career progression (29%) and salary progression (28%).

Find in this white paper:

  • What pay for skills looks like today
  • Why pay for skills that can work
  • Five questions to consider as you begin
  • Tips for success


Download the Whitepaper HERE


About Eightfold

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