Free Test Automation PoC & ROI Business Case

In today’s business landscape, we are all faced with the constant challenge to do more with less. When it comes to testing your IT environment, manual testing is a laborious and time-consuming process and is not always effective in finding certain types of defects.

Test Automation Advantages

Automating repetitive, time-consuming tests offers many advantages to software projects, particularly regression testing. Test Automation offers a reduction in both the time and cost of test execution, as well as greater test coverage, accuracy and scope.

Automated tests can be run out of hours every night, before each test cycle or just prior to the implementation of a fix, patch or security update. Automation can even help in blending testing with DevOps by integrating and automating execution for each build so that you can rapidly and confidently deploy applications.

Our Test Automation Services

As a specialist testing consultancy, we have extensive Test Automation knowledge and experience using a range of test automation tools, both Open Source and proprietary. We’ve successfully implemented or reviewed Test Automation for companies of all sizes, especially in blue chip multi-nationals.

We can provide help by establishing Test Automation practices from the ground up or by assessing current methods and suggesting corrections to already existing implementations.

A longer-term approach is also available through our Managed Services, taking requirements and automating functionality incrementally. A blended delivery model (on-site, off-site, off-shore or a combination) can realise your objectives within your budget, while retaining communication channels, working hours and strong collaboration between us.

Test Automation assets can be developed alongside development sprints and fed into CI servers remotely, maintaining regression packs as code develops.

This approach allows us to fully support the automation solution as applications evolve, preventing the slow degradation that can often occur when automation packs are neglected after the initial excitement has died down.

We are equally at home with traditional Test Automation projects, using tools to compile regression packs for system test levels, as well as working lower down the lifecycle on more iterative projects with a test-driven development approach.

An Effective Testing Strategy

Backed by our service frameworks and innovative test Accelerators, which we use to super charge our Automation services, we have developed an effective, comprehensive Test Automation strategy designed to enhance IT productivity, improve application quality and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Our integrated approach brings together test data extraction and creation, test execution, validation and reporting to effectively reduce the manual, repetitive and labour-intensive efforts of application feature and regression testing.

Business Value

Our Automation services are designed to maximise testing services and confidently deliver the following business benefits:

  • Reduced test cycles from days to hours
  • Increased software application quality
  • Reduced time spent on regression testing
  • Elimination of manual tasks
  • Increased user confidence in the application or system
  • Reusable test processes


Thinking about Test Automation, but not sure how to implement it? Or are you sceptical about achieving ROI in a reasonable timeframe? Our partner, Prolifics Testing’s expert consultants are able to carry out a free Proof of Concept exercise on a variety of applications and demonstrate how test automation can align with your existing CI / CD processes.

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